Sade: This Far [6 Black LPs Boxset]

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Дата релиза 09.10.2020
Носитель Boxset
Исполнитель Sade
Издание Compilation
Номер по каталогу 8898545612-1
Лейбл Sony Music
Количество дисков 6
Страна производитель Евросоюз

LP1 - Diamond Life (1984)
Side A
A1. Smooth Operator
A2. Your Love Is King
A3. Hang On to Your Love
A4. Frankie's First Affair
A5. When Am I Going To Make A Living
Side B
B1. Cherry Pie
B2. Sally
B3. I Will Be Your Friend
B4. Why Can't We Live Together
LP2 - Promise (1985)
Side A
A1. Is It a Crime
A2. The Sweetest Taboo
A3. War of the Hearts
A4. Jezebel
Side B
B1. Mr Wrong
B2. Never as Good as the First Time
B3. Fear
B4. Tar Baby
B5. Maureen
LP3 - Stronger Than Pride (1988)
Side A
A1. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
A2. Paradise
A3. Nothing Can Come Between Us
A4. Haunt Me
A5. Turn My Back On You
Side B
B1. Keep Looking
B2. Clean Heart
B3. Give It Up
B4. I Never Thought I'd See the Day
B5. Siempre Hay Esperanza
LP4 - Love Deluxe (1992)
Side A
A1. No Ordinary Love
A2. Feel No Pain
A3. I Couldn't Love You More
A4. Like a Tattoo
Side B
B1. Kiss of Life
B2. Cherish the Day
B3. Pearls
B4. Bullet Proof Soul
B5. Mermaid
LP5 - Lovers Rock (2000)
Side A
A1. By Your Side
A2. Flow
A3. King of Sorrow
A4. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
A5. All About Our Love
A6. Slave Song
Side B
B1. The Sweetest Gift
B2. Every Word
B3. Immigrant
B4. Lovers Rock
B5. It's Only Love That Gets You Through
LP6 - Solider Of Love (2010)
Side A
A1. The Moon and the Sky
A2. Soldier of Love
A3. Morning Bird
A4. Babyfather
A5. Long Hard Road
Side B
B1. Be That Easy
B2. Bring Me Home
B3. In Another Time
B4. Skin
B5. The Safest Place