The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte [SHM-CD]

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Дата релиза 23.06.2023
Носитель CD
Исполнитель Sparks
Издание Album
Номер по каталогу UICI-1162
JAN/ISBN 4988031575857
Лейбл Universal Music
Количество дисков 1
Популярные форматы SHM-CD
Страна производитель Япония

1. The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte
2. Veronica Lake
3. Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is
4. Escalator
5. The Mona Lisa's Packing, Leaving Late Tonight
6. You Were Meant for Me
7. Not That Well-Defined
8. We Go Dancing
9. When You Leave
10. Take Me For A Ride
11. It's Sunny Today
12. A Love Story
13. It Doesn't Have to Be That Way
14. Gee, That Was Fun
Japan Bonus Track
15. This Is Not The World I Signed Up For