About us

We offer first press bonuses

Our store offers almost everything released in Japan including first press bonus. Whenever the details for bonus are available, the description is shown in the item details page.

Earn points with our rewards program

Reward Point is our reward for purchase program. Every time your order is shipped, you receive 3% of the item price subtotal as points (1point=1rub). You can later use them as discounts (books and magazines are exceptions). Furthermore, there are various opportunities to earn more points. For example, you will earn extra points when you create an account, the month of your birthday, and more.

We ship pre-orders on or before release date

We are able to ship items by the release date if they are pre-ordered early. However, it may take additional time if they are pre-ordered right before the release date, or if supplier has received more pre-orders than they are able to fulfill on the release date.

Receive alerts on new releases & offers

Newsmail is our free newsletter packed with information on the latest releases in Japan. We also include details on bonus extras included with the first press and limited editions. So, if you would like to them before they are sold out, subscribe for our alert e-mails.