Van's Versions [2CD]

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Дата релиза 25.01.2023
Носитель CD
Исполнитель Van Stephenson
Издание Compilation
Номер по каталогу TR-60J
JAN/ISBN 4988044857254
Лейбл Think Records
Количество дисков 2
Страна производитель Япония

1. Set The Night On Fire (Vocal Demo)
2. Catch The Next Dream
3. Undivided Love
4. Bad Enough
5. Til I Loved You
6. If The Fall Don’t Get You
7. All My Life
8. Everybody’s Dream Girl
9. You’ve Got A Good Love Coming (Original Demo)
10. Others Only Dream (Original Demo)
11. What The Big Girls Do (Original Demo)
12. The Cure Will Kill You (Original Demo)
13. Modern Day Delilah (Original Demo)
14. I Know Who You Are, I Saw What You Did (Original Demo)
15. You’ve Been Lied To Before (Original Demo)
16. Righteous Anger (Original Demo)
17. It’s Not Me, It’s Not You
18. Back To The Heartbreak Kid
19. She Danced Her Way Into My Heart
20. (You Don’t Hear) The One That Gets You
21. Restless Heart
22. Dancing With Danger (Original Demo)
1. Suspicious Heart (Original Demo)
2. South December Road
3. Grand Illusion
4. Jenny Come Back
5. Never In A Million Years
6. It Happens All The Time
7. Calm Before The Storm
8. House Of Fire
9. Big Dreams In A Small Town
10. Bluest Eyes In Texas
11. When Pink Turns To Blue
12. Nature Of Love
13. I’ve Never Been So Sure
14. Get Used To It
15. It Ain’t About Love Anymore (Vocal Demo)
16. If That Was A Lie (Acoustic Demo)
17. All The Time In The World (Vocal Demo)
18. Think Again (Vocal Demo)
19. Ships Of Heaven (Acoustic Demo)