F8 [Coloured Vinyl] [2LP] [Exclusive Edition]

Limited Edition
4 100 ₽
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Дата релиза 28.02.2020
Носитель Vinyl
Исполнитель Five Finger Death Punch
Издание Album
Лейбл Nuclear Blast
Количество дисков 2
Страна производитель США

Side A
1. F8
2. Inside Out
3. Full Circle
4. Living The Dream
5. A Little Bit Off
Side B
1. Bottom Of The Top
2. To Be Alone
3. Mother May I (Tic Toc)
4. Darkness Settles In
Side C
1. This Is War
2. Leave It All Behind
3. Scar Tissue
4. Brighter Side Of Grey
Side D
1. Making Monsters (Bonus)
2. Death Punch Therapy (Bonus)
3. Inside Out (Radio Edit) (Bonus)