Flesh And Blood [CD+DVD]

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Дата релиза 10.05.2019
Носитель CD
Исполнитель Whitesnake
Издание Album
Номер по каталогу GQCS-90701
JAN/ISBN 4562387209019
Лейбл Ward Records
Количество дисков 1
Страна производитель Япония

1. Good To See You Again
2. Gonna Be Alright
3. Shut Up & Kiss Me
4. Hey You (You Make Me Rock)
5. Always & Forever
6. When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)
7. Trouble Is Your Middle Name
8. Flesh & Blood
9. Well I Never
10. Heart Of Stone
11. Get Up
12. After All
13. Sands Of Time
Japan Bonus Track
14. After All (Unzipped Mix)
1. Shut Up And Kiss Me (Classic Jag Version) (Music Video)
2. Shut Up And Kiss Me (Club Mix) (Music Video)
3. Flesh And Blood Production Documentary
4. Shut Up And Kiss Me (Video Mix)
5. Gonna Be Alright (X-Tendo Mix)
6. Sands Of Time (Radio Mix)